Your time can make a big difference in our community.


Help more people now and create long-term change.

Our Impact



of 2022 Begindergarten students entered kindergarten ready to learn.



saved by Cass County residents using the SingleCare Prescription Savings Card.



tax returns prepared by the United Way of Cass County VITA Site.

Our Mission

To increase the ability of the people of Cass County to care for one another, to promote human services and to maximize resources.

Living United

In the most simple terms, when you LIVE UNITED®, you choose to improve your community by giving of yourself to make an impact. Living United means being intentional about taking our blinders off and seeing that each of us has a stake in generating positive change for our community. When we lift one, we lift all; it is a ripple effect. Together, UNITED, we can make an impact, every day.

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